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   We understand that deciding to maintain your vehicle can be a daunting task. What needs to be done when? Is it necessary? At Gateway Automotive, we've put together a maintenance schedule that meets or exceeds your manufacturers recommendations for what we believe will keep your vehicle safe, on the road, and reliable!


Maintenance Intervals Every... Details
Oil and Filter Change 3k Miles Conventional or Blend
  5k Miles Synthetic
Tire Rotation 3-5k Miles AWD, or Agressive Tread (Each oil change)
  6-10k Miles FWD, RWD (Every other oil change)
Fuel Induction Service 15k Miles GDI Engine
  30k Miles Non-GDI Engine
Transfer Case Fluid Change 30k Miles (or when dirty/discolored)
Differential Fluid Change 30k Miles (or when dirty/discolored)
Transmission Fluid Flush/Change 30k Miles CVT Transmissions (or when fluid is dirty/discolored)
  50k Miles Automatic Transmissions (or when fluid is dirty/discolored)
Brake Fluid Flush 50k Miles (or when contaminated)
Power Steering Fluid Change 50k Miles (or when dirty/discolored)
Coolant System Flush 50k Miles (or when dirty, tests bad)
Spark Plugs 50k Miles Copper (or when performance problems occur)
  100k Miles Iridium or Platinum (or when performance problems occur)
Serpentine Belt and Tensioner 100k Miles (or when worn)
Timing Belt 100k Miles (unless specified lower by manufacturer)
Replaced Conditionally, no Mileage Interval  
Brakes   Replace at or under 4/32"
Shocks, Struts, Bushings & Mounts   As needed, or if tires are wearing poorly.
Tires   Worn below 4/32", unevenly worn, or dry rot cracked
Air/Cabin Filters    As needed, can be every 5-30k Miles 
Alignment Check, Tire Balancing   Yearly or when problems occur

As needed



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